Curricular Focus Team

The College of Revealed Cosmology (CRC)

Curriculum Management ComponentPhilosophical & Spiritual Overtones FocusManagerial & Scientific Focus
CRC/HAP: Heaven Abides Personally

2008 Keynote
The meaning and value of Enlightened Honesty as characterized by Clear Thinking, Warmhearted Luminosity, and Spiritual Transformation.Facts concerning the relationship between God and individual human beings.
CRC/IIR: Interpersonal and Integral RelationshipsThe meaning and value of Courageous Loyalty as characterized by Cohesive Integrity, Mutual Confidence, and Responsive Friendship.Facts promoting the development of a unified personality, healthy and supportive relationships and productive environments.
CRC/VAN: Values Affirmation Network

2008 Keynote
The meaning and value of Enduring Peace as characterized by Common Concerns, Sensitive Communications, and Impartial Judgment.Facts favoring the adoption of higher values as well as the sharing of such values.
CRC/VIA: Value of Individual AdvancementThe meaning and value of Enthusiastic Appreciation as characterized by Augmented Values, Infectious Joy, and Harmonious Progress.Facts supporting the value proposition for continuous education, associating for benevolent purposes and engaging in cooperative enterprises.